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In this section you'll find frequently asked questions from all our tour packages & rentals . Some FAQ sections contain links to pages with more detailed information about specific packages and their options. Be sure to read each section carefully before booking a tour or choosing one of our rental packages. We want you to enjoy Miaimi Beach and choose the activitys that are perfect for you, your activity level, and your interests!


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Miami Beach Jet Ski Rentals

Where do we find you?
We are behind the Four Seasons Hotel at Marbella Marina 801 Brickell Bay Drive, Miami Beach.
Where is the Four Ambassadors Hotel Located?
801 Brickell Avenue, Miami Beach.
Where is parking?
Street Parking is available, or you can Valet Park at the Four Ambassadors Hotel as well you can park at Marbella Marina
How Old do I have to be to rent a Jet Ski?
You have to be a least 18 years old with boaters certificate to rent a Jet Ski. If you are born after Jan 1st 1988 you have a boaters safety card.
How do you get a boaters certificate?
We will issue a temporary boaters safety card after succesfully completing a boaters safety course which you can take with us. Here is the study..... guide's easy!!
How do you charge to take the test
We charge less than a cup of coffee.....$4.00
What is the minimum Age to ride a Jet Ski
14 years old with a boaters safety card . Parentel consent is required.
What is the minimum Age to ride on a Jet Ski as a passenger.
6 years old.
What kind of Jet Ski's do you have?
We have Yamaha Jet Skis.
Do you provide safety equipment?
Of Course we do.
How big is your rideing area?
Our touring area is approximetly 5-10 miles dependent on how long your tour is.
What happens if you go out of rideing area?
You run the risk of receiving a ticket from the Coast Guard.

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Yacht Rentals

What are the minimum requirements to rent your Yachts?
Please find the release form here
How do you price your Yacht rentals?
Our pricing is an approximation due to seasonality and availability. We encourage you to call so we can make you the best offer possible
Do you provide a Captain?
We provide Captain and Crew.
Where can you take the Yacht?
Anywhere you like with exception to restricted waters.

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Sunset Cruise

What time do you board?
We start boarding at 6:00 pm and sail at 6:30 pm
When is the excursion available?
Thursday through permitting.
How many people can the boat hold?
Our boat can accomadate 43 passengers
What if I am late for the sail?
Dependent on how late you are, we will do our best to accomadate you
Can I bring my child?
Fun for everyone....however no beer if you are under 21 years old soft drinks only.
Do you offer special deals on Groupon?
Yes, at times we do.
Can I combine my Groupon deal with other special offers?
I have a $100 dollar Coupon....will you reimburse me the unused balance?

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Night Sail

What time do you board?
We start boarding at 9:00 pm and sail at 9:30 permitting.
What is age appropriate for this cruise?
Anyone over 21 years old.
How long is the excursion?
2 1/2 hours.
Do you serve food?
We serve complimentary Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks & Hors-Devours.

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Run Wild & Not so Wild

Whats the difference between the two excursions?
We offer Jet Skis with the Run Wild excursion.
Can I rent Jet Ski's while I am on the Run Not so Wild excursion?
Of course.
DO you serve food on the excursion?
Snacks are available for a small fee.
When is boarding?
30 minutes prior to sailing.
What if I am late for the sail?
Dependent on how late you are, we will do our best to accomadate you

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Run Wild Package

How much time do you get on the Jet Skis.
30 minutes
How long is the excursion?
4 hours of unbriddled fun.
What should I bring with me?
Towels, sunglasses & sunscreen..... Leave the rest to us.
Can we swim with the dolphins?
If you see them of course. Just remember, you are in their environment.

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Groups and Special Events

Who do I call to coordinate our Group Event?
Call Gordon at 305 458 3133
How far out in advance do we need to schedule our special event?
We ask for two weeks to plan for your special event
What types of special events do you do?
Company Welcome Receptions, Wedding Rehearsals and Receptions, Committment Ceremonies, Family Gatherings and Corporate Events.